Cherrywood | The most desirable business location in South Dublin
Mixed use with a civic heart

Connecting people and places

Cherrywood by DLR Properties is envisaged as an urban quarter which functions as a new commercial heart for the south-east region of the city. The development will be a sustainable mixed -use neighbourhood where new residential communities will complement the business and commercial heart of the quarter.

Shops, services and community facilities are an integral part of the development. New streets, places, buildings and green spaces will emerge and define Cherrywood by DLR Properties as an attractive and inspiring quarter to occupy.

A bustling hub south of the city.

The bulk of the lands are located between the N11 and the M50, with strategic road network connections, and a Quality Bus Corridor along the N11 to the city centre.

The Luas Green Line from the city centre and Sandyford, now operates through the centre of the lands.

The Town Centre area is a mixed use area, which will provide for a range of uses including: residential, office, retail, leisure, cafés and restaurants, ensuring that there is activity throughout the day and into the evening.

Cherrywood SDZ

The Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) lands are located approximately 16km south east from Dublin City Centre, 8 km south of Dún Laoghaire, 3 km from the coastline, and 4 km from the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

The lands have a varied landscape and topography, flanked by three valleys; Druid’s Glen, Bride’s Glen and the Cherrywood / Loughlinstown River Valley. All with incredible views towards the Irish Sea with the backdrop of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains. 


Fast track planning

When planning applications are in accordance with the adopted Planning Scheme, they must be granted by the Planning Authority (subject to conditions) and the development can proceed.

This provides certainty of outcome for all stakeholders taking cognisance of the need for careful delivery of essential infrastructure to serve and best facilitate the development.

A civic space as the heart of the development

The land use strategy for Cherrywood by DLR Properties is to develop a vibrant mixed use quarter, based on a mix of employment, residential, retail, commercial and community uses. This is primarily based around the areas’ primary role as a commercial centre, with a significant day time working population. It is envisaged that office and commercial buildings will bound the northern and eastern edges of the lands. The ground floor level shall be animated on public streets and primary movement areas, through uses such as shops, cafe’s and restaurants. Development will be intensely concentrated around the Luas stop as a primary access point to the lands, and commercial focus.

Residential blocks which will include the required private communal space will be focused at the south-west corner of the lands, allowing for some removal from the busier parts of the urban quarter, and a suitable environment for people to live-and enjoy. The location of the residential blocks enhances the amenity potential and value of these residential areas with the potential for an orientation and aspect suited to maximising sunlight, and views to the mountains to the south west.

Sustainability &

The planning approach to Cherrywood by DLR Properties takes into account the environment, social and economic impacts of the planned development on the larger community.

The proposed framework / masterplan has used the Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) for Neighbourhood Development (ND) Rating System as a planning tool to frame and assess the sustainability approach.